A Short Guide to Shipping Chilled Items Via Courier in NZ

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Many businesses, organisations and individuals need to ship small goods in a temperature-controlled environment. If you are the person in charge of organising the shifting of chilled or frozen items from one place to another within New Zealand for your organisation, you need to know that the service you are using will literally deliver the goods.

In this handy guide, we will discuss what constitutes chilled shipping, how to select a good courier service, what kind of packaging works best for this kind of shipping, and a few other important factors to consider when you are deciding on a courier firm to move your items safely.

Read on to explore some of the factors that you should be considering when it’s time to shift your temperature-controlled delivery.

What is Chilled Shipping?

So, what is chilled courier NZ shipping? Put simply, it’s a way to keep perishable items at a temperature that ensures they don’t start degrading. Temperature control is important to avoid the growth of bacteria, preserve the appearance of chilled goods, and ensure that products arrive in pristine condition.

Many different items should be shipped in a chilled environment; food is perhaps the most obvious, and the recent growth in the popularity of uncooked food delivery services means that demand for chilled shipping is up. 

Flowers are another product that should be kept cool in transit, and lots of medical-grade shipping tasks require temperature control. Pharmaceuticals and even some engineering components may also require controlled temperature shipping. 

Choosing a Courier Service

When you are looking for the right chilled courier NZ-wide to deliver your perishable goods, you should ask a few questions to make sure you are connecting with a company that cares about supporting your business with consistent strategic delivery of your temperature-controlled items.

Word of mouth is a good place to start, and you could check websites for testimonials and ask around local businesses as to the level of service they have been receiving from their courier company. Check that the courier is using live tracking technology, and be sure to enquire if they offer a same-day delivery facility. 

It is important to be very precise about the route you want your items to take, so you should also ask about direct processes. Speed and reliability are paramount when it comes to perishables so it’s vital you don’t accidentally book your food delivery to take a tour around the island before getting dropped off in the next town!

Packaging Your Perishables

Packaging is the responsibility of the sender, and there are specific ways you can package your perishable items to ensure they arrive in the best possible condition. These days, there are many great options for shipping items prone to spoiling or breakage. 


If you want superior insulation, you could opt for foam containers or insulated corrugated cartons, and there are oxygen absorbers with iron powder you can add to your package to offset the growth of microorganisms. Bubble wrap is a classic for a reason, and you can combine insulated packaging and bubble wrap for extra protection – you can even source wool insulation for your delicate perishables. 

Insulated packaging should be used for chemical shipping, dairy and meat, fruit, vegetables, and anything else you want to arrive in pristine condition. Medical shipping has specific guidelines which the sender should be aware of.

Sealing & Labelling

Make sure your insulated packaging is properly sealed to keep it airtight if that’s applicable, and if you have a same-day delivery, it pays to ensure that the labelling indicates the importance of getting it there on time.

Temperature Monitoring and Documentation

When you shop for the best chilled courier NZ operator for the job, you could also inquire about the monitoring and documenting systems they have in place for shipping chilled items. 

There should be an organised documentation process which you can access on request, and you need to be certain that they also have an emergency response plan which will be triggered to protect your goods in transit should refrigeration be interrupted or delivery times shift abruptly due to an accident or mechanical failure.

Booking & Scheduling

If you are shipping chilled items regularly, you need to set and forget your preferences – but also have access to quick alterations to your booking should the need arise. Choosing a chilled courier NZ company with a dedicated customer dashboard that offers live tracking is imperative. You should be able to set your preferred pickup and delivery times, order priority pickups, and get live notifications through all the stages of your shipping.

Compliance and Regulations

Alongside excellent service, cutting-edge technology and great communication, the courier shifting your chilled product must adhere to NZ Food Safety Standards. They should hold relevant and current Licensing and Permits, and you should be able to request to view these certifications. This is particularly important if you are looking for a courier to take your items to the airstrip or port for export. 

Do your due diligence about your obligations, and be 100% certain that your chosen courier is always operating within the law.

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