From garage start-up to market leader, how Torque Digital has grown with Urgent Couriers.

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In 2008 in a garage in West Auckland, two young entrepreneurs started their very own print company. Back then they were doing everything themselves, print, installs, deliveries etc. As they started to get busier they were unable to make all the deliveries on their own so they engaged Urgent Couriers. 

Slowly over time they built up the business even more and moved into bigger premises, before moving, again and again, to keep up with their growth. With that growth they needed more people, we met with Mark their Head of Production who joined almost 10 years ago to talk about their success. When he started they only had five or six staff, now there are over 70 people working with them! And after three years of searching, they have completely consolidated their five buildings into one 1700sqm facility, fitted out perfectly to suit their needs. 

Torque Digital has grown into a market leader in the printing industry and a 24/7 operation, they do some serious hours and big print work and many of their team have grown with the company. They’ve had to introduce night and weekend shifts to keep up with demand. Torque offers a full print solution from start to finish, from design all the way to installation. Even with the challenges that Covid placed they’re still building the business and looking for the right people to fill roles. 

A factor in their success has been keeping staff happy and engaged along the way, many of their team members have been with them for multiple years. “Culture is key, we make it a good place to work and people enjoy working here. It’s important that we celebrate the wins and work on the losses.” 

Reliability is the biggest reason Torque uses Urgent Couriers. “We know it’s going to be picked up and delivered safely. They’re the face of our business to our clients because we don’t always get to see clients face to face. We make sure our deliveries leave in good nick, the first impression is how it is received and Urgent Couriers play a large role in that.” 

Being such a high-pressure operation Urgent Couriers are an integral part of what they do. “In our industry, everything is needed yesterday. Urgent has been with us the entire way through. Our sheer volume means we have to be on time, we’re only as good as the last delivery. With Urgent we can guarantee it’ll be there with proof of delivery etc, it just works”. 

Torque Digital is able to take on any job, from your ma and pa business needing signs for their shop to big major retailers wanting point of sales displays or your local plumber wanting to sign write their van. Get in touch with them today to find out how they can help you – or

To find out how Urgent Couriers can help you with reliable deliveries feel free to reach out to us via


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