How fast deliveries with Urgent Couriers gives Hyper Ride a competitive advantage

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Since launching Hyper Ride in 2018 the strategy has always been to be predominately online, while they had a small showroom initially they knew online was where they would have the best opportunity for success. From the beginning of just one sale in their first month, it has snowballed from there and they’re still increasing sales year on year. What’s the secret to their success? We sat down with Richard, Hyper Ride CEO to find out. 

For Hyper Ride the malls and brick-and-mortar stores are seen as competition so the strategy is to look at how they can beat them. One component is the range of products. If you go to a brick-and-mortar store they may only be able to stock 10 ski helmets, with Hyper’s online store they can stock every single ski helmet in the market available to you, and have it delivered on the same day. Having 450 models and styles of snow goggles in a retail store is simply not possible, with Hyper Ride it’s a reality.   

Using Urgent Couriers is a key component of their competitive strategy. Rather than driving to the mall and mucking around, you can try on what you order from their store in your own bedroom. A challenge with that is that customers don’t always understand fast delivery, they simply don’t think it will turn up. “What Urgent has enabled us to do is offer reliable same-day delivery in Auckland. It’s an advantage. Urgent Couriers have been going for 30 years, this is what they do, they were Uber before there was Uber.”

Another challenge for Hyper Ride was and still is in some respect seasonality, for example, you can’t skateboard in the rain. However, they’re working on selling the plan. Customers are starting to realise that they can order during the week, try it on and if it doesn’t fit return it for free and still have what they need that fits ready to go for the weekend. All is possible with fast deliveries from Urgent Couriers. 

The way Hyper and Urgent Couriers websites communicate is also an advantage, you can’t order and book the courier if the stock and/or courier option isn’t available. As a customer, you’re only offered what’s achievable so there’s no chance of disappointment. 

“One thing I really like about Urgent Couriers is worst case scenario I can ring Steve (Urgent Couriers Managing Director). I’m an owner-operator and so is Steve so he gets it. When you work with other companies, it’s just a job but Steve and Dane (Urgent Couriers COO) are passionate about it and get it. Really good people, really fair. When you have a discussion around the price, they’re very mindful of making sure the drivers get a fair deal too. I have got to know the staff, they’re like an extension of my team. They treat me like they really value our business and are really engaged.”

The strategic plan for competitive advantage by providing fast deliveries with Urgent Couriers and taking on brick-and-mortar stores has worked for Hyper Ride with increased sales year on year.  Want to know more about how Urgent Couriers can help your competitive advantage? Talk to us today.


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