How Jess’s Underground Kitchen absorbed their freight costs and streamlined logistics through Shopify app integration with Urgent Couriers


Jess’s Underground Kitchen is a frozen meal and catering service based in Auckland, New Zealand. The company was founded by Jess Daniell, who started the business as a way to cook for friends after returning from her London OE. Jess’s Underground Kitchen quickly grew through social media and eventually expanded to four cafes, offering fresh meals Monday to Saturday.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic prompted a shift in the business model. JUK Jess’s Underground Kitchen closed its cafes and pivoted to a frozen meal delivery service, selling both online and in stores. The company also offers catering and was named Lewisham Caterer of the Year.

To manage its delivery needs, Jess’s Underground Kitchen partners with Urgent Couriers. Jess describes the team at Urgent as “phenomenal” and praises their customer service. One key benefit of working with Urgent is the company’s integration with the Shopify platform, which streamlines logistics and allows for the automatic calculation of courier rates and packaging fees. Working with Urgent has also resulted in fewer claims and a more efficient process. Jess’s Underground Kitchen is excited about the potential for further integration in the future, including the possibility of scanning out of the warehouse.

Overall, Jess’s Underground Kitchen and Urgent have formed a strong partnership, with both companies committed to finding solutions and streamlining processes. Jess and her team appreciate the extra mile that Urgent goes to, to ensure smooth operations, and they look forward to continuing the partnership in the future.


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