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Shopify Integration

Urgent Couriers

Shopify Integration

Our Shopify App delivers your customers a better buying experience giving them the flexibility to choose when they would like their goods delivered, reducing cart abandonment. It’s an easy integration with our system that books deliveries for you, provides dynamic pricing and gives your customers a premium option. 

Our two-way integration is designed to offer fast and immediate deliveries for the online shopping experience in addition to your current standard delivery services.

This is a new service not offered by anyone else on the market. As consumers’ online shopping habits and demands lift, the delivery expectations must be matched. Customers who want fast delivery options for their goods are offered this at the time of booking with this service. 

The integration plugs into the back end of Shopify. Offering multiple delivery options dictated by you, to fulfil the pick and pack followed by the delivery.

Your customers receive:

This service is priced dynamically while the customer is completing their cart and offered as an additional delivery option to the customer alongside their standard delivery options.

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Live track
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Track your package from door to door in real time with Urgent Couriers Live Tracking available on all Urgent Services

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

Urgent Couriers have been Dentons Kensington Swan’s preferred supplier for over 25 years. The team continue to provide outstanding service, are professional, friendly and go out of their way to deliver excellent service. The team always deliver in a timely manner and go above and beyond to meet our requests which include time-critical deadlines. The online technology is constantly updated and we are provided with live tracking details and proof of delivery email updates for every job. Urgent Couriers are a company that can be relied upon, and we would confidently recommend their service. Cheers Lisa.

Lisa – Dentons Kensington Swan

Urgent has provided consistent delivery on our perishable goods within the stated delivery window. Given the delicate nature of the products and the importance of food safety, it is imperative that our meals are delivered with care and expediency. Our customers have high expectations and Urgent have been great at not only delivering a consistently good service but also working with us to smooth out any issues..

David & Becky – Founders and Directors – FED

We've been working with Urgent Couriers since day 1, in August 2015. Urgent has been a real strategic partner, anticipating any and all needs, be it geographical expansion or increase of volume for our fast growing business. Being strongly technology led, they develop ahead of time various applications we require to continually expand. Urgent Couriers are highly customer focused and care for the environment with their Carbon Neutral delivery initiative. Urgent Couriers align perfectly with our values..

Thomas Dietz – CEO, Woop

You always go above and beyond to make sure all our precious deliveries are handled and delivered with care. We know we can rely on your Team to go the extra mile and really appreciate that your delivery range is so flexible.

Natalie – Manager Amy’s Flowers

Urgent couriers have been working with The Kaibox for 5 years. Moving perishable items demands a high level of service to ensure our product arrives fresh. We choose to work with the best in this field. With their amazing Live Track technology, we have better visibility over our deliveries than ever before. They work vigilantly in ensuring all of our freight is delivered on time and handled with care. The team is always friendly and helpful..

John and Saskia Mellows – The Kai Box
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