What the partnership between Perfectly Imperfect and Urgent Couriers means for food waste in New Zealand.

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Did you know that 40% of fresh fruit and vegetables that are grown in New Zealand are deemed imperfect, and are sent to landfills or are composted? They never leave the farm they were grown on. 

This might not seem like an issue until you find out that New Zealand grows enough food to feed 40 million people annually, and 1 in 5 New Zealanders are experiencing food insecurity.

We caught up with Wendy Zhou from Perfectly Imperfect to find out how this depressing statistic gave birth to one of New Zealand’s most exciting social enterprises, set on creating a sustainable network to reduce food wastage and bring nutritious food to the less fortunate. 

Since 2020, Perfectly Imperfect has worked with local growers across the North Island to save upwards of 350,000+ KG of fresh produce, for upwards of 2500+ people in New Zealand. When Wendy was looking for a suitable delivery partner to service people in this community, she found Urgent Couriers. Our focus on sustainable business practices like paying our drivers a fair wage and being 100% Carbon Neutral for the last 15 years is what led our businesses to be a match made in heaven. 

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Ordering a mystery box of produce from Perfectly Imperfect is taking a step toward reducing the current epidemic of food wastage. Your purchase will come with fresh produce directly from local growers delivered to your doorstep with full traceability and peace of mind knowing that your delivery doesn’t contribute to your carbon footprint. 

“Urgent Couriers has a very supportive team and a similar outlook on the current state of sustainable business practices in New Zealand, I can always rely on the team to go above and beyond to service my customers” 

At Urgent Couriers, we love to work with brands that have similar goals and beliefs, and to celebrate pushing the envelope forward when it comes to sustainability. Perfectly Imperfect has earned a myriad of awards such as the Zero Waste Award 2021 by Auckland Council, Semi-finalist in The Community of the Year 2022, Finalist in Sustainable Business Award 2022 and even being a finalist in The Gardener 2022. 

Perfectly Imperfect and Urgent Couriers have agreed to donate any produce boxes that missed their original delivery date to local City Missions.  

Be generous with us! Perfectly Imperfect has partnered with GoGenerosity to allow you to pay it forward to those in need.

How does it work?

You simply choose any amount, they add it to your bill and then pool all their customers’ donations together to supply fresh perfectly imperfect goodies to those who need them the most. To make your own donation click here https://www.perfectlyimperfect.org.nz/product-page/gift-card


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